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India's largest floating solar park
India's largest floating solar park
September 19, 2021

Bharat Heavy Electricals (BHEL) has commissioned India’s largest floating solar power plant at Simhadri, Andhra Pradesh. It flaunts a 25 MW capacity and is spread over an area of 100 acres.

Installing solar panels on the water surface has considerable benefits. The water helps keep the solar panel cool, thereby preventing drop of efficiency with rise in temperature. Besides, the cover from the solar panel will help prevent the evaporation of water from the area where it is located.

The solar panels are manufactured with corrosion resistant materials and are anchored well so as to prevent the panels taking up an adventurous voyage.

Such techniques and locations where multiple benefits can co-exist are always better for sustainable development. As India plans on adding more renewable energy into its energy basket to achieve the emission goals, this will be a major boost to the efforts.

Stryder strides into E-cycles arena
Stryder strides into E-cycles arena
September 17, 2021

Stryder cycles Pvt Ltd is a fully-owned subsidiary of Tata international Ltd. Being the subsidiary of one of the pioneers in the Indian EV market, it’s not a surprise when stryder comes up with their own E-cycles. But the cycles itself are nothing less than wholesome.

One of the two models, Voltic 1.7 comes at a price just shy of 30,000 Rs. The single speed cycle comes with a charging time of just 3 hours, the cycle has a 48V 5AH Li-ion battery. It has a top speed of about 25 kmph and a range of about 25-28 kms. It also boasts a 48V 250W motor.

Contino ETB 100 is the second model at a hefty price tag of 38,000 Rs. The 7 speed cycle has three riding modes- which are electric, hybrid and pedal. It also has 3 hour charging time and removable batteries. It has a BLDC 250 W motor with 25 kmph maximum speed and 30 km range under full electric mode and 60 km in hybrid mode. ETB -100 comes with smart safety features such as dual disc brakes for better control, key locked battery, smart ride (auto power cut off on applying either of brakes) and front LED lamps for night vision.

Although bicycles have always remained zero-emission, the penetration of E-mobility into all strata is a great sign for a time when climate changes and its repercussions are impacting many.

The Rain that shook the world
The Rain that shook the world
September 15, 2021

In august 2021, there was a rainfall. And unlike the usual rainy days which attract complaints from pedestrians, this caused concerns globally. Why? Because this happened for the first time in recorded history in the region where it rained. If you are wondering if the region was a desert, it wasn’t. It happened in some parts of Greenland, a place where ⅔ rd of the land area is permanently under ice and recorded temperature rarely exceeds the freezing point of water.

If you are wondering why the whole world is concerned over the rain in Greenland, it is due to the sea level. As reported by the Indian Express, in 2019, the island lost around 532 billion tonnes of ice to the sea, eventually resulting in the sea level rising by about 1.5 mm. And thanks to the rain, which itself was caused by rising temperatures, the average rate of melting of ice in Greenland is almost 7 times  what it used to be during this time of the year.

The accelerated melting of ice is in no way a favourable result for any nation and this applies to India as well. The low lying cities which could potentially face significant threats owing to rising sea levels include Mumbai as well.

If the increased rate of natural disasters including recurring cyclones and floods aren’t enough of a wakeup call, cities which are inevitable in trade and commerce becoming potential candidates for a modern day Atlantis sure is. It’s already high time that we act, so that the next high tide won’t threaten us.

ORCA: hunting CO2 for a change
ORCA: hunting CO2 for a change
September 14, 2021

Orcas, also known infamously as the ‘killer whales’ are absolutely hunters. They are well known not only for their ruthlessness, but for their intelligent and efficient hunting. In every sense, what better name could be given to a facility that hunts down CO2? Orca is a carbon capture facility located in Iceland that started operations very recently. And for the record, it’s not named after killer whales. ‘Orka’ is the Icelandic word for energy.

Carbon capture and storage(CCS) is the technique of capturing carbon dioxide and storing it en masse, usually under the ground in suitable geological formations. It can be employed in industrial processes to reduce emissions or can be used to directly capture CO2 from the air. ORCA is the largest CCS plant in the world which employs direct capture of CO2 from the atmosphere. It will remove 4000 tonnes of CO2 on an annual basis. The plant emits no polluting agents as it runs on renewable energy. It is a really costly affair as the plant itself costs anywhere between 10-15 million U.S. dollars.

When we are living in a world where we are letting loose a lot of CO2 into the air, we have to hunt down and capture at least a fair share of it. And ORCA is indeed perfect for the job.

Husqvarna debuts in the EV Realm
Husqvarna debuts in the EV Realm
September 13, 2021

Husqvarna is one of the historic two wheeler manufacturers from Europe. After a long wait, Husqvarna have finally unveiled their first E-scooter and E-bike at the recently held IAA International Motor Show 2021 in Munich Germany. Even if you aren’t familiar with Husqvarna, you’ll surely know KTM and Bajaj. The most exciting part is that Husqvarna-KTM’s E-vehicles will most probably be manufactured in Bajaj’s plant in Pune, Maharashtra.

Their E-scooter termed the ‘vektorr’ have a comparatively different look when compared to the curvy scooters which we are familiar with. The official and confirmed information regarding the specs is the top speed and range which are 45kmph and 95 kms respectively. The limited range and speed is justified since the product is being marketed essentially as an urban mobility solution.

Husqvarna also unveiled its first E-bike during the motor show named E-pilen. E-pilen is inspired by the svartpilen and  vitpilen, two of the pioneer and successful models from Husqvarna. It has a power output of 8kW and a range of upto 100 km. The E-pilen concept also comes with battery swapping to make life easier for the consumers.

Husqvarna’s EVs will have a hard time competing in the EV market of India and the limited range will definitely develop as a setback for the automakers. Even the traditional and well versed automakers stuttering in the EV sector goes on to show how competitive the market has become. And as we always used to say, healthy competition will lead to good things. Not essentially for the manufacturers, but surely for the consumers.