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Overview of our comprehensive course on - Fundamentals of Electric Vehicles

Battery Technology

- Cell Structure & Terminologies.


- Cell Balancing & BMS.

- Battery Pack Sizing & Design.

Charging Technology

- AC Charging, DC Charging.

- Battery Thermal Management System.

- Wireless Charging, Battery Swapping.

- Vehicle to Everything.

Drivetrain Technology

- Motors & Motor Controller.

- Regenerative Braking.

- Powertrain Sizing.

- Vehicle Architecture & Control Systems

Meet your Mentors

Courses on Nexloop are created by experienced professionals who are working at India's leading EV startups.

Vinayak Bhise

Vinayak Bhise

Founder at VNB MOTORS

Rishikesh Kulkarni

Rishikesh Kulkarni

Electronics Engineer at Pravaig Dynamics

Jayesh Tope

Jayesh Tope

Founder at Revamp Moto Pvt ltd

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The battery section was really well taught, explained a lot of basic concepts along with all the important aspects of the battery of a vehicle. All the points like the basic battery nomenclature SOC, SOF, SOH, Nominal Voltage, etc were all properly explained. He also explained the battery integration process, how are the connections made, what are the design constraints (both mechanical and electrical). It was a very fun and highly informative session, really good for learning all the battery fundamentals.
Shashank Tamane
Engineering Student
I have keen interest in Electric Vehicles hence I was looking for a all in one course. Thanks to Nexloop EV, you have provided great content at very considerable price. Videos are easy to understand and add on to our knowledge. I liked the animations presented while explaining topics.
Great work
Sidhesh Gulave
Engineering student
Just got done with this amazing program on 'Fundamentals of Electric Vehicles' offered by . It was an amazing learning experience. Thank you Rishikesh Kulkarni, Jayesh Tope, Vinayak Bhise for your guidance.
Deepanshu S.
MTech, NIT Trichy